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NYC multi media artist

Performance & Video Art 


What is this

Where are we

Lets find the treasure 

We are one 

We are Uni 

We are the treasure 



I saw a deadman
I woke up
I saw a deadman
I felt alive
and remembered
I am alive


CAUTION: violent images


Truth is Now
Breath, inhalation exhalation,  
continuous from the moment of birth to the moment of death. 
The bridge between body and mind defining our existence.​

​MEDITATOR, was created for an exhibition Low Lives II curator Jorge Rojas. 
In my most intimate space, naked on my bed, going my breathing meditation practice in front of my painting God Loves Me while shown live on the internet projected simultaneously at El Museo del Barrio, Aljira, Fusebox, Co-Lab, Galeria de la Raza, ATA, Diaspora Vibe, Temporary, Terminal, Obsidian Arts and Studio 304


part of a video trilogy STATE OF EMERGENCY 


people where obsessed with dooms day on May 21 2011  and as I worked in my studio I thought nature will always survive 

Reaching receiving enjoying a fruit in its purest form from a wild tree in my family's land. This was filmed during a personal Odyssey, returning to Greece after 20 years. Humanity to sustain itself has to re-connect to nature.  Tree of Life was created to be exhibited at Feed Your Food, Ingenuity Fest Cleveland.


is a play on the illusion of the camera and the online space. The art world is the biggest illusion of all