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The whole existence is composed of 5 elements.  Color and form are a universal language. 
I am interested in tradition and mystical symbols and making them a common denominator among all people regardless of their belief systems or culture because we are all human. Simplicity is complex is a series about transcending human suffering. This whole world, this whole universe, is made up of the five elements. Fire, earth, water, air and ether interplay with each other, and their rise and fall is represented by the five colors utilized. 
In my studio, I was meditating on the image of the Bodhisattva as I felt deep sorrow for the passing of my father.  I was meditating and studying the Buddha with the thousand arms of compassion, the archetype of boundless compassion. Its color and intricate details, symbolism of compassion, and boundless light that awakens minds. The simple act of kindness, to be compassionate towards others, to the self and the recognition of the nature of reality. Meditating in this form, I found relief from my own personal discomfort the idea of happiness entered my mind. The simple way of forgiveness, the common good for all humanity to have a peaceful heart, and a peaceful mind, as we are all made of love. The substance of our being is love, every molecule stays together, in love, and our earth holding us close to the ground is love. It is our fear, our reluctance to accept, that keeps us blind to the fact that all is love. 
In my process to strive for simplicity, I found it was complex. It is going back to the innocence of being. 

Socrates said, "The more I know, the more I realize I know nothing" 

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