Flush - curator Virginia Villari. 2011 

My alter ego is called PUNK MONK and this one of the project.

Before selfies where a thing, I took self portraits in bathrooms for 7 years prior to being invited to participate in this project.

Found a cardboard box in the street of NYC representing the “box” we live in within our boundaries. The idea of identity created by borders, a necessity for ego to develop individuality, habit, pattern and memory composed of images, capturing time and space. The box with photos recalling the emotional state of every frame. A urinal reference to Duchamp, and female shape used by man to relieve them self. Inside the urinal projections of 2 videos, Dowry, exploring the male archetype, family, tradition, betrayal, love and death, The second video Bath, a cleansing ritual, a woman washing her body.  At the end of the exhibition I ripped the box down in a performance, symbol for the rise and fall of ego, the breakdown of illusion and identity. 





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