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Agni Zotis is a multi-media artist, with a life-long focus on painting, including light installation, video, sound, performance, and new media.

She is known for her light sensitive paintings as they transform under varied light. She pioneered the concept of light as knowledge and the way it is used transforms what we perceive to be. Her work explores individuality within universal consciousness, as everything in existence is energy in potentiality.

There are similar patterns that occur in molecular structure, in nature and in the universe, reflecting the relationship of the microcosm to the macrocosm.  

Her abstraction is organizing chaos, color and form captures time and space through movement of energy.

Her passion lives in exploration of the self in reflection of the whole, philosophy, quantum physics, science, and transcending boundaries.

She immersed herself in art, religions and cultures though global travels including Europe, Israel, Egypt, Nepal and India, South America where she learned movements of ancient knowledge including the practice of Yoga and meditation. These paths have been the source of creativity for arts and include becoming a yoga and meditation instructor for 20 years, functional nutritionist and Health and Wellness coach. She is the Founder and Director of MAY Kids Transform.

The esoteric quest started in childhood while visited and immersed herself in an old world of her Hellenic roots of mysticism, mythology and ancient philosophy. Know Thyself is part of her daily practice. She has been the director of artists spaces including AGNI GALLERY in the East Village and AGNOSIAN in Chelsea. She lives and works in Chelsea NYC. India and Greece are grounds of inspiration.



    Hunter College, NYC, 1988-1993

    Art Students League, NYC, 1993-1995

    Apprentice, Byzantine Iconography, Astoria NY, 1993

    Apprentice, Buddhist Mandala, Pokhara Nepal, 1996



  • Rauschenberg Emergency Grant, 2021

  • Artist Relief 2020

  • Emergency Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Grant 2007

  • Artists Fellowship Grant 2008

  • Puffin Foundation 2007


    Selected Solo Exhibitions:

  • Silver Lining, Aperture Building Chelsea, 2022

  • Step Into the Light, Pop Up, Chelsea June 2018 

  • Be Nice, Project 301, Chelsea March 2015

  • Occupy, Heliopolis, Greenpoint Brooklyn Oct 2011

  • Phoenix Raising, collaboration Grammy winner Christian McBride, Agni Gallery, East Village, June 2009

    Selected Group Exhibitions:

  • THE BRAND NEW NEW YEAR SHOW, Not Another Gallery, David Craig Ellis, Williamsburg Brooklyn,  January 2023

  • Light Year "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil" Brooklyn Bridge Dumbo, curator John Ensor Parker, Nov, 2020

  • The Fourth Stage, Abstract Theory and the Silver Lining of Allegorical Necessity, IFAC, LES, NYC, 2018 

  • The Rent is Too Damn High, Albear/Zamudio, NYC, Oct 2017

  • Super Stars, The Black Sheep, Milano, Italy, March 2017

  • Mykonos Biennale, July 2015

  • Mykonos Biennale & Vanessa Quang Gallery, Paris, June 2014

  • Family Affairs, IFAC, NYC, March 2014

  • Separation Anxiety, Wallplay, NYC, March 2014 

  • Crisis and Paganism, Mykonos Biennale, Greece, June 2013

  • Low Lives, The Vault, SPACES, NYC, June-July 2013

  • Feed Your Food, Ingenuity Fest Cleveland, Sept 2012

  • Blk Xmas, Michael Lyons Gallery, NYC Oct 2011

  • The Beatles Complete On Ukulele, Haunch of Venison, NYC Mar 2011

  • Divine Influence, Past and Present, Wilmer Jennings Gallery, NYC  Nov 2010

  • The Facebook Show, The Detroit Museum of New Art, Michigan Oct 2010

  • Low Lives 2, EL Museo del Barrio, NYC,  Aljira A Center for Contemporary Art, Fusebox, Galeria de la Raza, Diaspora Vibe Gallery, Obsidian Arts, the temporary space, Co-Lab, Terminal (APSU), Studio 304, Artists Television Access (ATA)  Apr 2010

  • X Initiative, Dia Chelsea, NYC Feb 2010

  • Million $, Pittsburg Cultural Trust Gallery, P.A.  June 2009

  • Alchemy, Hudson Guild Gallery, NYC Feb 2009

  • LES Arts Festival, Theater For The New City Gallery, NYC  July 2008

  • Sacred Ways, Tria Gallery, NYC  June 2007

  • Essence of Asia, Asian Cultural Center, NYC Apr 2007

  • Confluence, Musee de Monoian/ Society for Cultural Exchange, Pittsburgh PA Oct 2006

  • Windows Project, East Hampton Ma Sept 2006

  • ArtsAid, Bangalore and Delhi, India April 2006


    Art Fairs:

  • Platforms Project, IFAC, Athens, Greece 2022

  • Separation Anxiety II, Wallplay, Cutlog, NYC May 2014 

  • Flush, Creamhotel, Fountain, Miami Dec 2012, and NYC 2013

  • Dual, Pool Art Fair, NYC Mar 2011

  • Cultural Revolution, Scope, Miami Dec 2010

  • LES Artists Do Miami, Scope, Miami Dec 2007



  • Agnosian, Chelsea NYC 2020-present

  • Agni Gallery, East Village 2004-2009 

    Selected Curated Exhibitions: 

  • Simplicity is Complex, Agni Gallery 2009

  • Aliens and Zombies, Agni Gallery, NYC Oct 2008

  • GODdess, Agni Gallery, NYC June 2008

  • Headless Pig, Agni Gallery, NYC, April 2007

  • PUNK MONK, Agni Gallery, NYC, Sept 2007

  • Dreams and Fairy Tales, Agni Gallery, NYC Oct 2006

  • Words and Vibrations, Agni Gallery, NYC June 2006

  • Rated R for RANDOM, Agni Gallery, NYC Sept 2005



  • Life Without Compromise by Susan Al-Doghachi premiere 2010 Anthology Film Archives

  • Art In the City by Ben Van Bergen 2014 Amazon Prime



  • ArtsAid, Storytelling through Art, Bangalore and Delhi India 2006

  • Musee de Monoian, Hoonah Alaska 2008


    Community Empowerment/ Teaching:

  • MAY Kids Transform, 2012-present, Founder and Director of youth and educators wellness curriculums 

  • Community Painting for youth, Agni Gallery 2004-09

  • Created Ceramics school for nursery Westside, Co-Op YMCA 2001-2003


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