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KNOW THY SELF is the driving force of my being and all my work as everything is interconnected.

The work explores individuality within universal consciousness as everything is vibrating energy in process of transformation.

There are similar patterns that occur in molecular structure, nature and universe, reflecting the relationship of the microcosm to the macrocosm. 

Centered in a meditative process and psychological mapping of intellectualized emotions. The paintings are made in NYC.

Directing raw energy in form and color to capture movement in time and space, symmetry in abstraction, order in chaos, transforming the metaphysical to the physical, as an alchemist manifesting the unseen. Painting allows for flow state in a pure expression transcending all boundaries. 

Defined by love, contemplating the psyche and soma, science, nature, perception, creation. 

Mixing paints from pigments, metals, semi-precious stones, and phosphorescent, influenced by ancient techniques but modernized to create a personal language. The paintings are elemental with ability to absorb, reflect, and refract light. Equating light to knowledge, as light has the power to alter perception, the paintings transform according to varied light. 

Gathering and harnessing energy, intuitively color is poured and followed by precise brush work of layering, building depth with intent, with a central focus, nucleus of self moving in relation to environment. Interested in transcending the obvious physicality and diving into the quantum and subtlety of the being, where silence exists in between spaces driven by the question what is reality. 

Duality coexists in all, every end is a beginning, light and darkness, yin and yang, feminine and masculine, opposite sides of the same.

The paintings below have their counterpart, day light and UV light. 


Pussy on Fire
Want Rip my Heart out and Eat it
Rock On