My paintings explore individuality within universal consciousness; as everything in existence is energy in the process of transformation.

There are similar patterns that occur in molecular structure, nature, and the universe which reflect the relationship of the microcosm to the macrocosm. The work is centered in a meditative process, focal point is the self, with psychological mapping of emotions in response to the environment. Harnessing and directing energy, color is poured intuitively, followed by layering through precise brush work, meticulously building depth over time with intent.  Form and color capture movement through time and space, creating symmetry in abstraction, order in chaos, and transforming the metaphysical into the physical. I formulate my paints from pigments, metals, semi-precious stones, and phosphorescent materials for their density and translucent nature and energetic properties. I’m influenced by mastery and ancient techniques through the lens of modern and contemporary womanhood in New York City. The paintings are elemental with the ability to absorb, reflect, and refract light. Equating light to knowledge, as it has the power to create and alter perception, the paintings transform according to varied light allowing for multidimensional glimpses towards evolution, capturing the essence of personal reality within the whole of existence. 


Want Rip my Heart out and Eat it
Pussy on Fire
Rock On